Why businesses should consider marketing with Google Street View Trusted

Street View Trusted Newcastle 360DegreesNorthStreet View Trusted is replacing Google Business View on September 3rd. It’s a tool for businesses to showcase their premises via a virtual tour hosted on Google, the leading search engine. Using Street View technology, the platform allows businesses to show off their establishment to online users in a visually engaging manner.

The Basics

Unlike Street View, the photography is taken by independent local photographers such as 360DegreesNorth that are trained and certified by Google. The photos are subject to Google quality checks to verify that the imagery and user experience is of a high standard.

Street View Trusted is hosted on Google Maps, however it can be accessed through a number of Google products:

• Google Search Knowledge Graph

• Google Plus

• Google Maps

Throughout the Google ecosystem, Street View Trusted tours are accessible from “See Inside” links.

360DegreesNorth has produced this Street View tour of the award-winning Martineau Guest House, but any business can benefit from showing off their premises… and this neatly demonstrates how businesses can easily and quickly embed a tour into their own website.

Areas in the red box show where Street View Trusted’s ‘See Inside’ is shown within Google.

Google Search Knowledge Graph…












Google Maps…



















Integration within the Google ecosystem has meant that the increased visibility will lead to improvement in click through rates, increased engagement with clients and even increased footfall.

Anecdotal data indicates that there may be a correlation with higher local search rankings, and although Google has not officially confirmed this, this lack of confirmation is likely due to Google wanting to avoid accusations of bias towards its own products – something that governments and their competitors hate, but can only be beneficial to businesses using Google to market.

Innovative Marketing

Whatever products or services you are offering, people are always interested to know what they will be getting.

If your business has a pleasant ambience, it will serve as a selling point and you will naturally attract more clients. Even a rustic and quirky place can have its allure, and a factory, for example, will be able to show off its facilities to prospective clients.

The reach of Street View Trusted is greater than just business premises, it has been successfully utilized to showcase planes, trains, cruises and beyond.

Emirates Airlines was a pioneer by showcasing an Airbus A380 to the world. This garnered extensive international media coverage as anyone could explore the double-decker plane and steer their way inside the iconic four-aisle jet from the comfort of their home.

Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Sea, the largest cruise ship in the world, become the first cruise ship to have a virtual tour via Street View Trusted. Royal Caribbean rightfully deduced that clients will be tempted to explore the real thing once they had a chance to virtually wonder around this floating leisure paradise.

Even car dealerships have embraced the technology, it is possible to sit inside a vehicle to experience how a particular vehicle feels like from within.

Just as virtual tours have become mainstream in the real estate sector as sellers quickly realised that the exposure of a virtual tour will help in the sales process, other industries are coming to the same conclusion.

Clients of a fine dining establishment may feel it’s important to virtually sit within a restaurant before making a reservation.

What else could this potentially help? Beauty salons, dentist offices, day care facilities, storage warehouses, local supermarkets? The potential is limitless.

Taking Street View Trusted a step further, using WalkInto, it’s now possible to embed a tour in a website but make it even more interactive by creating menu links, embedding information cards, downloads, links, audio and video to make a truly immersive experience.

With the cost of Street View tours low enough for businesses of every size to obtain, the question then becomes, can your business really afford not to have this tool as part of its marketing arsenal?

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